Egypt Protest Coverage

28 01 2011

Earlier this evening in Egypt, protests broke out over the 30 year reign of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. I spent a good portion of my afternoon live streaming from Al Jazeera English. Major protests were covered in Cairo, Alexandria, and the port city of Suez. Mubarak imposed a curfew to no avail and almost the entire Egyptian internet system was shut down. Protestors rocked armored personnel carriers and fired raged throughout the cities, inciting concern about the welfare of the National Museum in Cairo.  As is to be expected, all major news outlets are covering the protests. The LA Times is no different.

It’s difficult to compare such different outlets, but I feel like the video portion of the Times article is lacking substantially. The sound is muted, and had I not known what was happening, the video would have told me very little. Yes, there is a caption, but it still doesn’t give me much. I am not compelled to take action or talk to people about the video. Whereas the streaming coverage from Al Jazeera seemed to be much more informative. More videos were shown, with better quality in both video and sound. The corespondent first-hand accounts in all three major cities were informative and interesting. I did however, find the “experts” to be repetitive.

The Times, to its credit, does have a very well written piece that is easy to follow and informative, but I think the video takes away from it.





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