New Planets?

4 02 2011

Screen capture from

The LA Times reported yesterday that the Kepler  Mission has discovered over 1,200 new planets that are Earth-like surrounding almost 1,000 stars in galaxies 500-3,000 light years away. Fifty-Four of them have the potential to have water.

I like this story from the Times. I find that in this case, a lot of information is necessary and important to understand the scale in which this mission is taking place. The universe is a big place, and people sometimes don’t remember that.  Stories like this remind people of that.

The idea that other planets can sustain water is also extremely exciting and has been since NASA has started looking. Finding life on other planets would expand our knowledge base exponentially about the way living organisms function.

I, for one, had no idea about this mission and I think it’s great that we are continually expanding our knowledge about our world and the other worlds surrounding it.  I also may still harbor a secret dream to be an astronaut when I grow up.




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