Creator of China’s “Great Firewall” speaks. Admits to using VPNs

20 02 2011

On Thursday, the Times published a story about the creator of China’s “Great Firewall” that was originally published in the English-Chinese Paper, The Global Times .

I think it’s interesting that the LA Times chose to republish this particular story. Though I think it loses the impact it has in a Chinese paper. Most notably the fact that Fang Binxing, the creator himself, admits to using VPNs to skirt his own system. I have a feeling that the Chinese government would have a problem with this being reported because it would likely lead to more Chinese citizens attempting to use VPNs to get around the firewall. (The Times reports that experts say more and more people in China are already using VPNs)

I also found it extremely interesting that the LA Times note that the interview was not published in the Chinese version of the Global Times. Maybe the government doesn’t monitor the English version? I think that’s a little bit strange, personally.

The Global Times has a longer interview posted for their story, which is important here for context. But I appreciate the the LA Times have explained some of the issues surrounding the Great Firewall.





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