Comparison Time: In a world where Charlie Sheen is more talked about than the Libyan protests.

25 02 2011

At the time of writing, this article about Charlie Sheen..being Charlie Sheen has 40 comments. Mostly people complaining about how he’s an idiot (there are also several comparisons to Lindsay Lohan, who I wasn’t aware was still relevant). What I don’t understand is why this article (on the main page, with a giant image and headline) on the Libyan uprising only has 12 comments.

I am not criticizing the Times for posting both articles. The Charlie Sheen piece is very obviously something that belongs in entertainment news. But I am somewhat disappointed in my fellow newsreader. Oh no, Charlie Sheen said something outrageous. How is that more worth discussing than a country rebelling against its tyrant leader? It’s so disheartening to realize that people definitely don’t seem to be paying as much attention as they should be to international affairs.

Isn’t the future of the lives of millions of lives more important than the future of your favorite sitcom?





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