Annie Leibovitz, I hope you didn’t make these subject choices.

6 03 2011

I found this through Facebook and not the Times, but because it actually is FROM the Times, it gives me something to write about this week!

As a photojournalism major, Annie Leibovitz is like an idol. Despite her legal troubles, her body of work is fantastic and iconic. This Disney thing is a little weird though. It highlights her technical mastery, yes, but not so much an ability to choose subject matter. Why is Peter Pan old? Because he’s dancer Mikhail Baryshinkov! Baryshnikov is 63 according to a quick Google search. Peter Pan never ages. Disparity? Yes.

I’m also not sure at all why the Times chose to put this on the site. The photos are 500×337 pixels. I can’t see any detail. I can’t really look at them without sitting two inches from my screen and squinting a little bit. What’s the point? I am not compelled to go to Disney right now and I’m a little annoyed I can’t look at the details in a photo by a photographer who I know has skills that I’d like to look at in as high definition as humanly possible. This could have been pretty neat, but the Times chose to run tiny photos. I am not visually stimulated. Sorry LA Times.

Jeff Bridges as the handsome prince from Beauty and the Beast? Inspired. My childhood may have died a little bit.




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