I’m Scanning and I Can’t Find Anything!

19 03 2011

Visually appealing, But what's with that Floating "Entertainment" box over there?

With the conflicts in Libya and Yemen and the threat of a nuclear catastrophe in Japan, major news outlets definitely aren’t lacking in material to report on. The LA Times and New York Times seem to have a very different approach of handling influx of news on their front pages.

I definitely appreciate the LA Times’s more photo-heavy approach (The NY Times has very few photos on the front page right now), but nowhere on the page do I see any coverage on the protests in Yemen. The stories are there, but you have to search for them.  The NY Times has articles pertaining to all of the major events all on the front page (the coverage of the situation in Japan is just below the fold).

I definitely feel like the NY Times is doing it better. Despite the lack of photos, the information is still presented in a way that makes sense. The LA Times is pretty, but if it were my only news source, I would have a hard time getting all of the information about current world events with this layout. It’s cluttered and difficult to assess the news as a whole given the strangely misplaces modules of information.




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