“Officials retract reports of extremely high radiation at Fukushima plant “

27 03 2011

This gem from the Times today is an interesting story. Apparently officials in Japan misread levels of radioactivity in pools of water around the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.

The story is actually pretty well-written and the lead photo is well done (kudos, Yoshikazu Tsuno). I find all of the little side modules terribly distracting, however. My eyes dart everywhere to information that doesn’t aid the story I’m trying to read. I don’t particularly care about duck fat or the Times’s Facebook feed. Why are these things cluttering up the page? Do other people not find this hideously distracting?

I understand the importance of social media. But the bright, little widgets next to the lede make my eyes start zig-zagging down the page. I have gained nothing from this.

You can link it, you can share on Facebook, you can ReTweet it, and you can Digg it, but when you can’t focus on it, what’s the point anymore?





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