In Conclusion

23 04 2011

This will be my last post to this blog for JO540. I have spent the semester following the LATimes and posted mostly about things I did not like or articles I thought were interesting.

Overall, I do not entirely dislike the Times. I think some of their layout decisions are questionable, but their coverage is mostly excellent. I wish photos and videos were more prominent because they are not fully utilizing the online medium.  I don’t read the paper-version of the Times, but I do hope the content is varied between the two media.

I would not pay for the LATimes online, nor will I continue to keep track of it after this semester. I didn’t find it very enthralling or even terribly interesting, but I am glad I was able to cover it this semester. As a major West coast news source, it’s interesting to see how they balance their content.

The entertainment box at the very top of the page will annoy me forever though.


I do not care about you Kristen Stewart.

10 04 2011

I’m sure you might be an okay person, but I just don’t care what you’re doing for your 21st birthday. I don’t want to supply you with confetti or booze.

How is this news?  Why are “stories” like this on the front page of Major National Newspapers (above the fold no less!) ? On TMZ or Perez, totally understandable, that’s what they do, but on LATimes?

I’m so glad that the dwindling funds in the newspaper’s coffers are being used to pay for celebrity gossip. Truly, I am! I wouldn’t have as much to complain about if they didn’t.

I am confused and afraid.

New Procedure for Aortic Valve Stenosis, but trials show you’re twice as likely to have a stroke afterwards.

3 04 2011

Photo from Wikimedia Common.

I love the science section of all new sites. I like new fancy things, electronics, procedures, new planets, medical breakthroughs.  They’re great, and neat and they keep live innovative and interesting. And this article in the LA Times is no different.

A procedure for aortic valve stenosis that’s much less invasive and much cheaper! Using a catheter to replace the faulty valve. Great!

Wait a second. “Strokes and minor strokes were about twice as common in the minimally invasive group, and vascular complications such as bleeding or need for repair were about three times as common. But the group receiving the minimally invasive procedure was only about half as likely to undergo severe bleeding or to develop irregular heart rhythms.”

Um. What?

Granted, people on average are living two years longer after undergoing this procedure. I’m not sure I’d take those odds.

Long story short, this is cool, but I hope the whole stroke and bleeding issues are sorted out.

I really like how those facts are buried in the article too. I think that’s kind of important information before a whole bunch of elderly people jump on the catheter procedure bus.

This is promising and cool, but It’s still concerning.